PVC Coated Winter Work Gloves Smooth Palm

Item No.PV614

  • Latest EU Standard Certificate
  • Warmth and Softness Guarantee at – 20°C
  • Oil, Acid & Alkali Resistance
  • 100% Equilibrium Surface
  • Over 20 Years of Production Experience

PVC Coated Winter Work Gloves Smooth Palm Item No.PV614


Size: 27 / 30 / 35cm – 260g Max

Material: Orange Flurescent Sandy PVC Full Coated, 3 Layers Liner-Interlock,Sponge,Jersey

Delivery Date: 30-40 days, Available Payments: T/T, D/P, L/C


This glove has excellent thermal performance because it uses a three-layer interlocking structure with a thick lining. It can help people who work in cold weather to keep their hands warm. Especially in the outdoor work in the wind and snow, the PVC coating on the surface can effectively insulate moisture from entering the glove interior, which leads to the decline of thermal insulation performance. This waterproof area also provides good grip and can be adapted to the needs of sweeping or logging in the snow.

Flexible polyvinyl chloride coating from the front of the palm to the back of the palm, both waterproof and can block the winter wind. As a global supplier of mass sales, we have experimented with manufacturers that gloves can still keep hands warm at minus 20 degrees Celsius.

However, in extreme conditions, volatile sweat from the hands will be retained in the lining of gloves because of the coating, resulting in the damp inside. If the temperature is too low, it may cause the inside of gloves to freeze and cause skin damage. So at temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius, you need to look for more professional and sophisticated products.

In addition to working at low temperatures in snowstorms, our gloves are also used in the coastal fishing industry. Especially when fishing at low temperatures, water and cold are likely to damage the hands, and our gloves have been proven by the market to be suitable for fishing in Nordic climatic conditions.


Fishing Industry, Lumbering, Trash Collection Utilities, etc.

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