Nitrile Coated Winter Work Gloves Sandy Palm

Item No.DQ415

  • Latest EU Standard Certificate
  • Warmth and Softness Guarantee at – 20°C
  • Oil, Acid & Alkali Resistance
  • 100% Equilibrium Surface
  • Over 20 Years of Production Experience

Nitrile Coated Winter Work Gloves Sandy Palm Item No.DQ415

Details: EN388 4121

Size: 27 / 30 / 35cm – 320g Max

Material: Sandy Nitrile Coated, 3 Layers Liner-Interlock,Acrylic Towel Liner

Delivery Date: 30-40 days, Available Payments: T/T, D/P, L/C


This gloves are also made by interlocking with three thicker linings, durable and comfortable for hand wrapping. The soft lining can lock in warm air and still protect the working hand well in cold weather. The practice has proved that it can be flexible at temperatures as low as 4 Fahrenheit degrees, so that the hands will not feel as tired as wearing other rigid and heavy styles. Surface coated with nitrile-butadiene (NBR) coating, with a certain ability of puncture, can be well suited for outdoor construction in winter or cold climate areas. Grinding texture on gloves can help users better grasp the tools they need.

In addition, the appearance of nitrile-butadiene material has a certain anti-chemical function. Some of our customers sell this glove to some cold industrial areas, especially in the automotive industry. Nitrile-butadiene surface has lubricants or other commonly used industrial chemicals that help to withstand machinery. It allows operators to wear gloves to operate machinery and tools comfortably and conveniently, and keep hands warm and dry after use.


Machinery and Equipment, Chemical, Metal fabrication, Automotive, Mining, Oil and gas

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