Latex Coated Winter Work Gloves Sandy Palm

Item No.LS131

  • Latest EU Standard Certificate
  • Warmth and Softness Guarantee at – 20°C
  • Oil, Acid & Alkali Resistance
  • 100% Equilibrium Surface
  • Over 20 Years of Production Experience

Latex Coated Winter Work Gloves Sandy Palm Item No.LS131


Size: 25cm – 100g Max

Material: 13 Gauge polyester & 7 Gauge Acrylic Terry Liner, Latex Smooth fully & Latex Sandy 3/4 Coated

Delivery Date: 30-40 days, Available Payments: T/T, D/P, L/C


This gloves in this series are designed with a thicker inner liner, and their cold resistance is about 30% higher than that of ordinary working gloves. Because of the low-temperature property of latex, the glove surface can not only have the function of anti-friction and anti-tear, but also keep the softness at low temperature. Make your fingers work well in the cold. Surface abrasive design allows gloves to hold smooth objects well in a slippery situation.

Because latex is a natural material and has the characteristics of being able to contact food without releasing toxic substances, users of this glove often wear it to handle slippery fish. The gloves can be used in the hands of most operators in cold areas, whether in fishing or fish processing industries. Compared with pure latex gloves, this frosted surface cotton lining design is more suitable for handling non-frozen fish with wet and slippery surfaces in areas with low temperatures. Ordinary latex gloves make it difficult to grasp this type of fish well.

In addition, in addition to general outdoor work, such as woodworking, mechanics and other work, this glove can also be applied to mountain climbing and other leisure activities. It’s usually difficult to grasp the rope in a humid place, but because of the friction brought by the grinding surface of the gloves, climbers can easily grasp the rope to climb the mountain. And after testing, this glove can be used for more than 300 hours in mountain climbing. Of course, other safety measures must be taken in mountaineering, and more professional mountaineering gloves should be used in extreme environments.


Fish Processing, Material Handling, Automotive Industry, Construction, Masonry Work, Forestry

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