Heat & Cold Resistant Work Gloves

Item No.HW263

  • Latest EU Standard Certificate
  • 0-120 °C Safety Assurance
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Over 20 Years of Production Experience

Heat & Cold Resistant Work Gloves Item No.HW263


Size: 27 / 30 / 35cm

Material: Polyester/Cotton, Lining: Polyester/Cotton

Delivery Date: 30-40 days, Available Payments: T/T, D/P, L/C


This hand part of this glove is treated with thicker cotton, which can insulate the high temperature of 120 degrees Celsius. It is generally used for contacting articles after high pressure sterilization, or general heat-carrying manufacturing machinery, etc. It can also be used for palm protection in glass processing. Because the palm part is made up of 100% cotton, the finger can be used flexibly in work.

It should be noted that gloves are not suitable for use in high temperature liquids or in humid high temperature environments because the palms are treated with cotton. Nor can it be used in operating environments with sharp objects or liquid nitrogen.

In addition to extreme environments, the gloves are also suitable for simple and dry work in cold climates. Thickened cotton palms allow users to keep their hands warm at work, and pure cotton materials give skin better comfort than other synthetic materials.


Autoclave, Metal Handing, Non-Extreme Conditions Working, etc.

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