Safety Food Processing Gloves 13″

Item No. FG-03

  • Food grade standard

  • Renewed En374-3 & En388:2016

  • Non-slip & Puncture Resistance

  • 100% natural latex without filler

  • Traditional ways manufacturing: Moulding & Three-Time Watering & Steaming & Chloridizing

Safety Food Processing Gloves 13″

13″ diamond palm food grade latex glove, yellow color, Palm thickness 31mil, sleeve thickness 20mil, 125g/pair, palm width 4.7″ without lining.

This renewed latex safety food processing gloves have complete food contact test report, so that customers can more confidently put and use our products.

The safety food processing gloves the characteristics of wear resistance and puncture resistance, and can effectively resist the corrosion resistance of acid, alkali, grease, fuel oil and various solvents.

This  gloves passed SGS food safety certification. In the meat or food processing, gloves will be contact protein, water, oil and other substances for long time, and our gloves in this period will not release toxic substances but also isolated from contaminated food, water, oil and other substances erosion of hands, the workers hands to get comfortable protection.

The unique fingertip texture design features of this latex glove, greatly enhance grip strength, effectively prevent slipping. This glove is widely used in food processing, electronic industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing and refrigeration industry.

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