Agriculture & Fisheries Gloves 24″

Item No. FG-04

  • Food grade standard

  • Renewed En374-3 & En388:2016

  • Non-slip & Puncture Resistance

  • 100% natural latex without filler

  • Traditional ways manufacturing: Moulding & Three-Time Watering & Steaming & Chloridizing

Agriculture & Fisheries Gloves 24″

24″ diamond palm Agriculture & Fisheries Gloves, orange color, Palm thickness 32mil, sleeve thickness 20mil, 276g/pair, palm width 4.7″, without lining.

Updated latex Gloves has a EN388:2016 and EN374-3 test report that allows users to be more comfortable to use.

The product is made of high quality latex, the structure is reasonable, the glove box cuff is easy to install, soft and comfortable, and the elasticity is good, tear resistance, surface after chemical treatment, the surface of the product is smooth and convenient donning.

Agriculture & Fisheries Gloves in the production process, the use of new technology, product refers to thick, impermeable, longer service life.

This product first with appropriate amount of acid and alkali resistance, anti pesticide substances penetration, compared with the general similar gloves have better acid, alkali, anti-corrosion performance.

The use of gloves: it is suitable for agriculture, forestry, fishing work, and can be directly contacted with food.

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